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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Why do we rant?

I think there are reasons to why we rant. I believe ranting has it purposes.

In work, depending on how we see the situation, ranting is actually an indication. Like, sometimes B would rant about how he didn't manage to troubleshoot with the problems with his clients' server and start to explain to me with complicated technical terms that only IT man would understand, and I will be nodding and smiling yet not understanding (cause that's what people do when they don't understand right? they smile). 

Truth is, behind those rants, I believe there's passion. There's a desire to want to solve the problem, there's frustration but at the same time there's hope. Else, you would fall into the category of "je m'en foutism" (sorry, my french kicking in) which means the "I don't care" group. I've seen those who really lost passion, they would just simply not care and won't bother to get angry, or strive to offer solutions or even bother to complain about it.

Some see ranting as being ungrateful. But perhaps, ranting, when given at a moderate amount, is really just pointing out the imperfection of a system and indirectly thinking out loud on how to perfect it.

What do you think the real reason my personal blog existed in the first place?

To rant, of course.


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