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Thursday, March 28, 2013

The journey and beyond

Forgive me datuk and datin for being so silent these past few weeks.

I have a lot in my hands right now that writing a new post seems to be the last thing on my mind.

Besides cracking my head at work, purchasing a new ride, trying to own a crib and envisioning my future in my career, I do have an event (make that two, or shall I say three?) to plan.

I, or rather we, have decided to minimize the solemnization which mean stripping out the non essentials (in another word, those yang tak wajib) for solemnization to cut down our budget. I rather we spent more on the house and the life altogether than a one day event.

...Which means I'm going all out for the engagement.

Staying within our budget seems tough. Despite our saving, I don't want to exceed certain amount. Bless those who have financial help from parents, but we will try our best to stand on our own with minimal help from the elders.

Currently I'm decorating the hantarans. For non malaysians (is there any?), hantaran are gifts exchange between the future groom and future bride's families during engagement and solemnization.

I've decided to give everything on engagement and leave the essentials for solemnization.

So tadaaaa...a sneak peak of my hantaran decoration.

It's not finished, more like a prototype for now but I'll definitely keep the minimal decoration.

It might not be the most awesome looking hantaran but this will do.

You no likey?


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