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Friday, August 16, 2013


It is with deep regret (not so much maybe, it just sounded nice to say it that way) to announce that perhaps, perhaps this is the end of this blog (jeez, like anybody care)

I started out like years ago, I never stopped writing till this day and I think I've changed partner twice! ever since this blog started. I am fully aware of how my posts were written mainly, if not purely to express my negative thoughts and emotions.

No one likes to read how sad you are. But more importantly, no one cares how depressed you may be.

Truth hurts. But they're necessary.

One valuable lesson I learned from writing in this blog is that, despite how much you pour out your dissatisfaction, complaints, comments, etc, it will only give you temporary relief. You really can't expect sympathy or empathy from strangers or even acquaintances.

In short, don't expect people to understand you.

Happiness is just a matter of perception (Says one who has trouble believing it).

So, adieu nonexistent readers. I'll miss you.

Will you miss me too?

I think I already know the answer.


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