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Saturday, January 5, 2013

Buckle up


It's only 9.30 pm and I am exhausted.

Making decision is indeed, tiring.

First and foremost, work is forever tiring. There is going to be some major shuffling in the office. My boss is quitting and the CEO will be our direct boss while advertising for a new replacement. It's gonna be scary working directly under her and I dare bet she's directing us 180° from our current direction. The terrifying part is my job will be on the line cause it seemed clear during appraisal that my work is not their initial aim.

Secondly, I'm planning a huge event, a once in a lifetime (hopefully) thing and it's exciting and scary altogether. Only today we've booked with a few vendors (I bet you know what I'm talking about) and pray hard everything goes well.

Ok, let's go for a life roller coaster ride.

Buckle up!

Nope, sleep first, ride later.


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