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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Just my thought of the day.
In my line of work, the most important thing that I learn so far is that you have to anticipate problem when you least expect it. And when you do come to face to face with those problems but you don't have the methods and tools to fix it, then improvisation is your best option. Well, talking and complaining help as well. As you go around your colleagues pointing out this and that don't work, they may come up with the most ridiculous idea but soon later would trigger you artistic nerve and in consequence, aid your problem solving skills.

It is severely challenging working with limited budget and being the only one with the expertise doesn't help neither. You don't have a lot of people to turn to and at times, I feel pretty much abandoned. However, if I were to look on the bright side, then I should consider myself unique as only I would be able to handle such task, so I, must be important.

Blergh, yet I am.....underpaid..

Hoorah to oppression.


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