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Friday, June 14, 2013


Yesterday, just before my mom went to bed, she walked in my room and said :

"Mak bertengkak dgn abah" (I had an argument with your dad)

So I asked "Pasal apa?" (About what?)

She said "Mak cakap, labah2 ade 8 kaki, abah tak caya, abah kata labah2 ade 6 kaki" (I said spiders have 8 legs but your dad insist that spider has 6 legs"

-_- Oh god.

Unlike any modern parents would do, by modern I mean google and point, my mom ran to my sister's room and picked out the dusty encylopedia, ran downstairs and showed to my dad :

"Spiders have 8 legs!"

I just shake my head.



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