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Monday, June 10, 2013

Of wedding and such

You know when you are a B2B (Bride to be), eventually you would have to do a lot of research on how to organize your own wedding, starting from the venue, catering, etc, etc. So I would just like to list some in this blog, for my own reference really, rather than keeping them dusty under my bookmark tab and hopefully it would serve other B2B out there.

So coming soon ....

Of wedding and such.

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Starting off with....

Mini dais

If you're like me, always on a budget (if only money fall from the sky..) yet want something more than a simple bantal for your engagement (why do people nowadays want so much more?), then I really recommend that you take a package that mostly comprise a gown, make up, accessories, handflower and a pelamin (So you won't have headache of finding one by one? My future MIL made the gown for me, a simple one, not so fancy so I can reuse it again for another function. A purple peplum!). However, be aware of their service, the price may be low but they may not provide the best service. I used Wedding Studio, which I found in one of those wedding festival and to be honest, I'm a bit upset with their service. It took 3 visits for them to finish off the pelamin, the first time they were late (like super duper late), second time, they didn't bring all the materials and the third was like half an hour before my event started. So yeah, don't be fooled by the things they offer you. See, I don't even have any photos to show you cause I didn't like the make up they put on me but their pelamin was fine. =( They don't update their FB/blog neither and they have very very poor time management. So save your money and avoid them OK.

I found a few mores back then (while I was googling around) and here's some to poke your nose into!

Sangkar Emas Collection (ade self-pick up & DIY mini dais, useful for those on budget)

Shayana Creation (I think price range RM400 and above)

Weddings Galore (I think they have a package)

start googling then.


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